3 Key Factors Affecting the Cost of Residential Tennis Court Construction

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If you love tennis, installing a court in your backyard might be the best option. A residential tennis court allows you to practice, exercise, and enjoy your weekend afternoons with friends and family. Additionally, a tennis court improves your home's value significantly. However, as you think about constructing a tennis court on your property, you need to know the factors that affect the construction's total cost.

Drainage System 

You should not underestimate the importance of a proper drainage system for a tennis court. The type of drainage necessary depends on soil conditions. For instance, if you are building your tennis court on sandy or gravelly soil, you do not need a subsurface drainage system. Similarly, when a court's base and surface are constructed from asphalt, under-drains are not necessary. It means that the implementation cost of asphalt tennis courts on sandy/gravelly soils is considerably low. However, if a tennis court site is predominantly clay, a subsurface perimeter drain is necessary to prevent water retention, increasing the overall cost.

Court Surface 

When hiring a tennis court construction firm, you need to tell them the type of surface you prefer. You can choose from synthetic grass, natural grass, acrylic hard surface, asphalt or concrete surface. Notably, the type of surface you select affects your budget considerably. For example, grass court — artificial or natural — costs less than concrete, acrylic or asphalt surfaces because of the materials needed. If you only want a hard surface, an acrylic court is more affordable than concrete. Therefore, when choosing a tennis court surface, select one that is within your budget. A construction company provides more information before a project begins.


A well-constructed tennis court does not need any additional features to be playable. However, amenities are convenient additions, which make playing better and enjoyable. For instance, if you want to keep your scores while playing, you need to install scorekeeping equipment during the construction phase. Similarly, your court could use some lighting if you plan to play till late into the night. The amenities, including fencing, windscreens and backboards, add to a court's total construction cost. Thus, it is crucial to carefully choose which amenities you want on your court and those you can do without. For example, a concrete surface tennis court does not need a shade. Similarly, a clay court does not require an irrigation system for watering critical for a grass surface court.

To get started on the tennis court construction, contact a local contractor.


22 January 2021

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