Three Critical Guidelines for Maintaining Your Synthetic Grass Court

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If you are planning on building a court for your club, educational institution or community centre, you should consider setting up a synthetic turf surface. This type of court is ideal because it will not dry out during specific weather conditions. Therefore, the court can be used around the year. Also, the material is quite durable, and it is not susceptible to accelerated degradation due to constant usage. In addition, the maintenance requirements of an artificial grass court are quite low in comparison to natural turf. However, you should note that there are some upkeep demands that you must meet for optimal performance and extended service. Here are the most critical maintenance requirements for your grass court.

Brush the Turf

You should brush the court on a regular basis to keep the grass in prime condition. In general, the pile of the artificial turf tends to lie down after usage due to the foot traffic and pressure during games such as tennis. If the surface is neglected, it will become unattractive, and its functionality will decline. Ideally, you should brush the court in different directions by hand or using a power brush. This practice should help in keeping the court infill distributed correctly. Additionally, it should keep the fibres upright for an appealing look and promote correct water drainage.

Check the Court Infill

Artificial grass courts have infill which is essential in the foundation of the feature. The infill used in most cases is sand which creates a stable but soft base. Unfortunately, the sand tends to shift and move during games. In general, the brushing process tends to keep the infill smooth. However, it does not compensate for the sand which is lost over time. If you want to keep your court in excellent condition, you must check the levels of infill. If there is a decline in the foundation material, you should top up with sand. This will restore the strength and stability of the artificial turf.

Clean the Court

You should clear the court on a regular basis. Simply speaking, you must remove leaves, twigs and general debris from the synthetic turf. You can use a leaf blower or rake for this process. Proper clearing of the grass will prevent the growth of moss, algae and other organisms. If your court is neglected or installed in a shaded, moist area, you might notice the growth of moss and algae. You should clean these materials with a non-aggressive biocide for optimal court appeal and function. 


2 January 2018

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